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AI Product Development Services

We offer AI expertise to scale any team or project. From hourly advisory calls to a full-service AI shop,
Gain AI Momentum.

Proving AI Solution Value

Our customized teams partner alongside in-house product and technology, so startup leaders can design a data science strategy aligned with business plans and customer experience goals.

Through data augmenting, cleansing and labeling, image preprocessing, and developing appropriate models and pipelines, each solution is designed to be the right MVP or prototype based on the unique needs of the startup. 

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AI Advisory Services

With our *No cost* discovery call, startup founders and product leaders receive a customized list of strategic AI opportunities to improve products or internal processes with AI. It's a great way to sample our AI expertise for hourly or on-going engagements.

Custom Data Pipelines

To stay competitive, companies need to create structured, scalable data infrastructure. Using our cost-effective model, we partner with companies of any size and can work with a mix of tooling and AIOps skills. 


AI Product Blueprint

Generate new ideas & extensive use cases for custom AI/data solutions.  Get a clear understanding for technical requirements and an immediate roadmap based on business goals.

AI/ML Solutions Development

Scale up your go-to-market with our full-service AI shop. Create production-ready custom MVP & algorithms. We've also worked on microservice APIs and internal tools, for a truly bespoke solution.

Data Engineering
On Demand

Our network of developers and data scientists makes it a seamless process for companies to build custom data pipelines. Automate for whatever stage you need, including data scraping, retrieving, database design and ETL workflow automation.


Data Pipeline 

When a small team needs to test capacity, increase velocity or augment team skills, Gravitate scales to fit the specific needs of the client, offering data augmenting, cleaning, and labeling, image preprocessing, and developing appropriate models and pipelines.

Related services include:


Technical Readiness for AI Development

Through an assessment of business plans and exploring customer journeys, a cross-functional team helps startups find the right place to begin developing their AI product solution strategy. Read about our agile methodology

  • Technical assessment & AI maturity

  • Solutions architecture & roadmap

  • Investment value proposition with AI

Scaling products for sustainable growth

SaaS companies want their emerging product to have monetizable data and AI sophistication from the start. However, they first need a mix of structure and strategy to make their AI/ML dreams a reality.

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Machine Learning Solutions 

Some startups need a proof of concept and the Gravitate team creates an MVP from scratch. Adding AI/ML capabilities can accelerate product development, improve user experience, and add more IP and value for future rounds of funding. 

Other AI/ML projects include: 

  • ChatGPT and other generative AI-powered products

  • Microservice APIs

  • Internal tools

  • Research & development


Product & Sales Analytics

​With our broad experiences, we help corporate teams make "buy or build" decisions. We acquire resources, process data, and design analytical and AI solutions for the components when a product team decides to build on its own.

Related services include:

  • BI analytics

  • Marketing campaign support

  • Predictive modeling

Read through our client case studies to get more examples of how we partner with startups at different stages of product and data maturity. 

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