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Image & Video AI

Generative AI

Traditional ML Models

Custom algorithms

Integration of market
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Full-service AI software development & maintenance

User Interface

AI/ML Solutions

Empower your organization with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning solutions that are tuned to your specific needs with an emphasis on innovation and efficiency. Wrapped with micro services, we can drop them into your current system so there's no need to rebuild.


We produce concrete outcomes from solution design to development and deployment with robust and scalable AI and ML features including Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Large Language Models (LLM) and Deep Learning Models for video and image applications, such as pose detection, object detection, and beyond.


Anomaly detection, recommendation systems, signal processing etc. is an integral part of certain applications. We bridge traditional predictive analytics to modern AI.

Collaborate with us to fully realize the potential of AI and ML, optimize processes, improve decision-making, and drive your company's success in the new AI digital age!

AI Software

Have a new idea for software powered by AI? If your product and engineering team are already at capacity, or you simply don't have in-house resources, Gravitate can translate that idea you dreamed up into reality!

We help you understand and prioritize business needs and establish product requirements and wireframes to develop and deploy a 3-month Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launch with spotlight features, built for the long-term.

We've designed and deployed 250+ software products using the best Agile practices with our added AI best practices and expertise, guiding clients through the entire development process with transparency of all tasks, milestones, and codebase via clear communication.


As your AI software development partner, we'll continue to support product iterations and augment with your internal team if/when you bring other in-house resources on board.

Image by Igor Omilaev
Image by Growtika

AI Integration

Our comprehensive AI integration services will allow you to seamlessly integrate the power of AI into your organization.

Not ready to make the big move of custom training large AI models? You can still leverage existing tools and put them quickly into action! We work with all major cloud services and leading AI tools. Options include Open AI ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, Google Gemini, among many others. Our team's expertise will ensure you make the best choice, taking into account size, industry, users and other unique factors about your business.


Partner with us to maximize the potential of AI and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.

Creating Trustworthy AI

In the complex world of business compliance, answering hundreds of questions with deep domain expertise was always an arduous and time consuming task. 

Gravitate's client needed custom built end-to-end AI solutions to seamlessly integrate with their trust assurance platform used by hundreds of companies for compliance audits, security reviews and risk assessments.


From ideation to implementation, Gravitate developed Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) models and streamlined the data labeling process, so that their AI system provides more accurate customized answers ensuring trust and reliability for their customers.

Streamlined processes

Improved accuracy

Customized models that continue to learn over time

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