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Data Moat & Assets

The true power of Artificial Intelligence lies within your data.

We help accumulate industry specific data assets and forge strong data moats so that your business can rise above the competition.

Data Labeling

Data Scraping &
other data sourcing

Data Pipelines & ETL

Database Design & Structure

Any superior intelligence product must be fueled

with a constant supply of accurate and relevant data.


Our team of data experts work tirelessly to build and deliver

the most robust, secure and scalable data pipelines. 

Competitive Analysis identifies and evaluates the business strategies of your competitors,

Acquire external data to stay ahead

In today's competitive environment, businesses need access to a variety of information outside their organization. Our external data services are designed to give you the competitive advantage needed to succeed.

We specialize in gathering, integrating, and analyzing external data sources to supplement existing datasets and reveal useful insights. Whether it's industry trends, an assessment of competition performance, or a better understanding of customer behavior, we provide actionable insights to make educated decisions and drive company growth.

From industry-specific data feeds to social media analytics and market research studies, we provide a wide range of external data sources tailored to your individual needs. Through AI, machine learning and advanced analytical approaches, our data experts identify significant features, patterns and trends, giving you the ability to improve product listings, uncover opportunities, and make your next innovative move.

Build effective & scalable data pipelines

Only a well designed pipeline can help you accumulate data assets that power and improve your AI product. Mission critical applications require best in class engineering to ensure the most current and accurate data is delivered to customers quickly and securely. Together, we'll transform raw data into actionable intelligence and drive your business forward.

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Data Labeling for AI

Another requirement for AI performance is efficient, coherent and accurate data labeling. In the new era of AI, labeling is getting more obscure and complex. Without a good process in place and an in depth understanding of your application, data labeling is a mess. Without labeled data, your AI cannot advance. 

We work with AI and product teams to implement those processes, to make the data truly work for you.

The Power of Data

Through a multi-year food data insights partnership, Gravitate created AI technology for powering LG's ThinQ Scan-to-Cook feature, ensuring meal preparation becomes effortless and precise using LG Smart Appliances.  ThinQ app users can now scan a UPC barcode on the vast majority of frozen foods or ready-to-cook meals in the US, which then sends the directions, temperature, and time to the LG Smart Appliance.

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