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Cost Effective Full Service AI

Design and develop AI-powered solutions for differentiation & scale

Gain AI Momentum

with experienced teams for any AI project

Data Engineering

Some teams need help organizing data & structuring it to scale. From data scraping & cleansing to a fully functioning pipeline & beyond, we can jump in to help.

Full Service AI Shop

We've been building LLMs & Computer Vision applications long before all the hype. We can lead the way in creating custom algorithms or start with the black box option of your choice.

Software Development

We scope product design, testing & delivery projects to be production-ready.


Our developers work in Java, Python, React (& more) -- always ready to support no matter size or velocity. 

Generative AI: To Build or Buy?

Get help making important build vs. buy decisions using our Generative AI Quick Reference Guide.

Abstract Background

Solutions for Startup Founders and CEOs

As your data science development partner,  together we build the foundation for AI powered solutions success.


Growing companies accelerate data science development, cost-effectively customize AI architecting services, and scale teams of data scientists and coders.

Need Generative AI designed to your business language and domain knowledge? There's much to discuss! Review our industry-specific solutions and schedule a call. 

AI Product Blueprint

In just 28 days, your team can be operating with a clear roadmap. Workshops, technical requirements and competitive market opportunities all included in one package. Considering ChatGPT? This is a great place to start.

AI Product MVP Development

Overhaul or create from scratch a MVP. Assistance includes data augmenting, cleaning, and labeling, image preprocessing, and developing appropriate models and pipelines.

Generative AI & Sustainable Product Growth

Partnering to determine requirements and trade-offs when making "buy or build" decisions.

AI Architecture Strategy

Database design and extraction helps to build a strong data foundation for SaaS products of all sizes. 

Proud to work in
Retail, FinTech & MedTech 

Our clients are changing the landscape in financial services, insurance, governance and compliance, dining services, food safety, ecommerce and healthcare.
View examples of our industry-specific bespoke AI solutions.

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Accelerate your product growth strategy with
on-demand data science expertise

The Gravitate difference comes from a unique blend of our agile data science methodology and our industry expertise. Each project achieves simplicity, experience and alignment through our collaborative, scalable team building. ​

What Clients Say

“Qiuyan and her team are customer-oriented professionals who provide exceptional services at an unbeatable price. I would highly recommend Gravitate to any startup to accelerate product development with a dependable partner!"
Sravish Sridhar, CEO
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