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Unlock the power of AI
to accelerate business growth.

Gain AI Momentum

AI Product Design

Our product team and partners help solidify AI software design (including product requirements, wireframes, brand positioning and go-to-market) before you invest time, money and resources into the building process.

AI Build Shop

Data Moats & Assets

The true power of AI lives in your data. Scale or support your products with seamless and valuable data management, including data pipelines, scraping, retrieving, database design and ETL workflow automation.

AI Consulting

Strategic guidance and expertise for your product vision or exisiting services, from concept ideation and prototyping, to risk mitigation and best practices, learn how to leverage emerging AI technologies for your business

with the right skills and expertise

AI with Meaning

Gravitate is proud to collaborate with top surgeons and researchers at one of the largest teaching hospitals in the US, applying our expertise to develop AI that will provide advanced training opportunities for residents to perfect high stakes surgical skills and ultimately improve patient outcomes.


We value this work knowing that our unique skillsets will contribute to pioneering progress for healthcare, and because we believe that behind every AI project is an opportunity to change lives.

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Powered by Gravitate

LG Smart Appliances using ThinQ Scan-to-Cook technology are powered by Gravitate’s highly reliable dataset, which covers the vast majority of US ready-to-cook items.


We build valuable data assets not only to power the most innovative AI, but to also lay down a strong defensive moat against fierce competition. Without industry data, your AI will never go beyond commercially available models that competitors can source. 

Abstract Background

AI services for all business needs

As your trusted AI partner,  Gravitate helps you reach business goals and achieve desired outcomes through Generative AI, Multimodal Learning, Deep Learning, and other AI and Machine Learning powered solutions, while measurably improving operations and user experience.


We advise, design, and build towards your company's success.


Gravitate offers ChatGPT integration, customized solutions through Llama 2, or multi-modal AI deployment.

Check out some of our industry-specific solutions or schedule a meeting to discuss your unique needs.


The sky is the limit!


Advisory & Exploration

In just 28 days or less, your team can operate with a clear AI strategy and roadmap. We provide workshops, buy vs. build assessments and competitive market opportunities, offered a la carte or as a package.

Business Operators

Automation & Optimization

Alleviate busy work and time consuming tasks across marketing, sales, operation, legal, HR, or customer service with AI powered tools that automate and optimize your processes allowing you to focus on customers and stake holders while AI works to support you!

Product Owners & Engineers

Build or Integrate AI Features

We know you want to build something that can change the world, and we can help! Our teams build entire AI powered software products and stand alone AI features that directly plug into existing platforms. We can jump in at any stage with any size project.

Brand Owners and Operators

Generate data assets

We build strong data moats creating valuable data assets to expand your business with a wealth of information and leveraged to develop powerful AI features

Accelerate business growth and optimize outcomes with bespoke data & AI solutions

Our services are tailored to meet the business needs of all sizes and stages, from startups to Fortune 500s. 

Our Clients

We're proud to work with companies changing the landscape in e-commerce, financial services, insurance, compliance, hospitality, education, healthcare, and more.

View examples of our industry-specific bespoke AI solutions.

Client experience

“Qiuyan and her team are customer-oriented professionals who provide exceptional services at an unbeatable price. I would highly recommend Gravitate to any startup to accelerate product development with a dependable partner!"
Sravish Sridhar, CEO
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Lines of Code in Production


Algorithms Created


Data Processed

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