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Focus and Caution: ChatGPT Quick Thoughts for Startups

Here's a little free Gravitate advice for ChatGPT enthusiasts.

From our deep understanding of data science best practices, we are sharing the same advice we give our clients, be focused, stay cautious.

At Gravitate, we've been observing the AI overnight sensation, ChatGPT, along with the rest of the world. Honestly, it's hard to not jump on the bandwagon. It seems everyone has tested it, and some are admittedly obsesses, including Asia's richest man Adani Gautam, who recently shared his views on Linkedin as part of his summary of the World Economic Forum's Davos Chats.

For Gravitate, our purpose has always been to democratize AI. We love solving complex problems buried deep within the data. We want to make AI a reality everywhere we can. So please know we are extremely excited to see the world embrace this progress.

And yet, while there is a lot of excitement with ChatGPT, it is still early. These non-commercialized versions bring challenges such as how to use these technologies with data privacy, and security.

1. Use ChatGPT with caution: it is not a secure environment, yet

You might be tempted to ask ChatGPT what your customer might like, but take caution, don’t ever share your customer data! (unless there are legal precautions taken and agreements are in place).

The good news is the majority of examples we've seen are starting with good intentions and providing positive results. Take this example of an excited education professional...

Many speech language pathologists and teachers are learning and sharing, hopefully making the entire special education community stronger through these experiments.

Just like with any new type of innovation, we will all have to learn how to use it for good, and build in protections along the way.

We can help companies to evaluate new technology like ChatGPT, or similar technologies, and show what they are and how to properly use them.

2. Focus on the problem, not the trend

Today, ChatGPT is super popular. It utilizes the transformer architecture in deep learning, which is not new, and there are a lot of technologies ready to be used with AI.

It's important for startups to focus on aligning business goals with product development. So, it may be best to identify problems, consider business model strengths and customer needs, and then design a solution that leverages the right mix of data science capabilities. That solution may in fact be ChatGPT, but it could be there are other better ways to deliver a secure customer experience.

How to create an AI Product Development Strategy

We recommend every client first design a data science strategy and then build a plan for how to get there. Skipping the fundamentals can cost a business time, waste investment dollars, and possibly the worst long-term problem, startups risk missing out on capturing valuable data.

Let us help you to understand ChatGPT, and other tools, and make an impact. You can read more about our approach to AI product development here, or schedule a consultation.


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