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By telling us a little about your team and your business, we can get back with you quickly to schedule an intro call with the right people. 

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  • What kinds of AI services does Gravitate offer?
    Gravitate has coders and data scientists on hand to assign to your project. That means we can build a full MVP or working prototype, or we can assist with machine learning projects like building out microservice APIs or setting up workflow automation and data extraction models. You'll find our full list of services on the Services page.
  • Are your AI Quick Scan consults free?
    Yes, absolutely. We want to see everyone building AI services and products find success. So, we're making ourselves available to discuss business needs and challenges with companies who truly want to expand their products with AI. You can request a Quick Scan of your products by first scheduling an intro call.
  • How does Gravitate offer cost-effective services?
    It saves business leaders time not looking to hire full-time resourcs when a startup isn't sure what their AI problem is. We focus on getting the right skills together on a team to address whatever data science problem your organization is facing. We maintain a network of top talent in data science and development, who can be available through remote collaboration. Since so many development teams are geographically dispersed, we maintain flexibility to accommodate time zones and team schedules.
  • Is Gravitate a consulting firm?
    We offer full AI product development skills. So, while we spend a lot of time guiding and coaching our clients like a consulting group might, as a development partner, we join the team to increase velocity and skillsets where product teams may need help to deliver an AI product solution.
  • Do you have people available to start right away?
    You bet! We manage a scalable team of data scientists and coders who are spread around the globe. This does gives us flexibility to quickly assemble the right skills for your project needs. You'll find examples of our work here If you are interested in a free consultation, share you contact details here in the chat, and we'll reach back out to you in the next day.
  • How can I get a meeting scheduled?
    So glad to hear you're interested in talking with us. We have a flexible schedule to meet our clients' needs. You can share some available dates, as part of sharing your email address here in the chat, and we can get you scheduled for an introductory 15-min call.
  • How is Gravitate different from other contracted developers?
    Our clients say our ability to provide continuity of resources, add-ons or replacements with different skillsets all on-demand is a great benefit to keeping their velocity on track. When development progresses or needs to change, our project management process oversees our resources and ensures your project goals are achieved according to your budget and timeline.
  • What if I am not sure what data science services I really need?
    No problem. We take a little time getting to know your business model and your product, so we can recommend the best AI solution and services so you achieve your goals. In fact, we do a free AI Quick Scan service to help companies decide if they are ready to go forward with AI product dev. If you think you need something beyond what is listed on our Services page, we may still be able to provide a solution. We have done several custom, one-off projects.

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