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We are committed to working in unison with every client, amplifying their teams' efforts, accelerating their speed to market and providing the right resources to help them scale. We consider strategic partnerships a valuable resource in delivering on our whole client approach. 

Strategic Partnerships

Gravitate has developed a client portfolio through a strong network of  startup-focused businesses

Are you strategic in how your organization builds alliances across industries and skillsets? We believe it's essential to maintain a human touch while working to solve problems for clients. If this is how you also excel in your business, let's discuss the right partnership fit to find shared value for both our companies and our clients. 

Benefits of partnering with Gravitate 


Receive exclusive discounts to offer  your clients value-add services


Grow your business with qualified referrals via Gravitate's client portfolio


Discover new potential client relationships via networking 


Gain new ideas and insights via multi-industry cross-collaboration and cross-promotion 



One Way Ventures

We support tech-enabled companies with the potential for global reach and impact by investing in extraordinary founders who were deeply shaped by their immigration experience.

Carrie Mamantov

Marketing Consultant and Fractional CMO to B2B startups. Combining advisory services and GTM planning to integrate your branding, audience and product strategies.

XRC Ventures

Venture firm & startup accelerator investing in retail tech, consumer goods and the consumer healthtech sectors.

Raiz Capital

On a mission to empower entrepreneurs to transform the world by leveraging data, research, and artificial intelligence to create a distinct competitive advantage. 

Blue Shift IP

This group of passionate technologists and software patent attorneys is consistently improving a network of top-tier service providers for performing patent-related services for clients. 

Prepare 4 VC

Prepare 4 VC offers individual and cohort based programs led by venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to help early stage tech entrepreneurs build and scale investment-ready ventures:

Beacon Venture Partners

Beacon Venture Partners is a fund that invests in early stage Boston and New England area tech, adding human capital in addition to the financial capital. 

Bullhaus Ventures

Bullhaus Ventures provides startups, scale-ups, VCs, and corporate innovation groups with advisory, interim exec, and project-based support for strategy and operations; growth; product; marketing; customer success; culture and organization; innovation; fundraising and due diligence.

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One conversation and we'll build a list of AI product ideas. 

Need a new idea? 
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