Sravish Sridhar, CEO


"Qiuyan and her team are customer-oriented and professionals who provide exceptional services at an unbeatable price. I would highly recommend Gravitate to any startup to accelerate product development with a dependable partner!"

Ayo Oshinaike, CEO


"We engaged Gravitate to help us build an even more advanced Natural Language Processing capabilities into our product. In just two short weeks, Gravitate not only completed a pilot with a new approach on NLP processing but worked with our internal data scientists to create a collaborative process! Impressed with their services and expertise, we immediately engaged Gravitate on a long-term basis that serves our largest clients. We think of Gravitate as part of our team. They are extremely efficient, fantastic to work with, and the quality of their work is top-notch!"

Our Clients

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Soren Heitmann, R&D Leader

International Finance Corporation

"Qiuyan helped us to successfully execute a project on understanding the customer DNA of mobile money through multiple stages. The project delivered direct value for our partners to reduce dormant users. 

Qiuyan trains and educates her partners, and co-authored the Data Analytics and Digital Financial Services Handbook released by IFC and the Mastercard foundation! It is super pleasant to work with her and her team!"

John Dwinell, CEO

Sienna Analytics

"You made the image recognition POC project easier for us to implement. We love the streamlined process and our customers loved the scalability! Your team has a lot of experience in AI and are easy to work with. Our multi-functional team is also grateful for the knowledge transferred during the time of our project. We highly recommend Qiuyan and her team."