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Bespoke AI Solutions

Designed for
industry-specific use cases

Managing Online Banking

Customizing AI Solutions in Retail 

​With our broad experiences, we help corporate teams make "buy or build" decisions. We acquire resources, process data, and design analytical and AI solutions for the components when a product team decides to build on its own.

Managing Online Banking

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We're advancing the restaurant space designing new AI-powered pricing and recommendation solutions to serve B2B restaurant management needs. We scoped a custom data pipeline and AI engine to build a completely new generation of digital menu products.

Bespoke FoodTech AI

We've maintained massive datasets for items in the Consumer Packaged Goods space, and built machine learning models, trained with a human QA process, to provide flexibility for product development teams.

Building FinTech AI Products & Services

We've worked with FinTech startups to map out their differentiated data assets and develop customized algorithms with advanced natural language processing and large language models (LLMs).

NLP in FinTech software

NLP Applications

Natural language processing and generative AI are powerful tools for the Finance industry's B2B software providers. We build custom datasets unique to your company's domain knowledge in order to connect with customers, or improve internal accuracy.

Alternative Data Development

Non-banking financial institutions are developing their own proprietary credit scoring systems with selected non-traditional, non-financial data, otherwise known as alternative data. 

Accelerating results for companies in MarTech 

Companies managing cloud-based services need more insights to increase conversion and optimize win-back campaigns.

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Marketing Analytics

​Our team designs and develops bespoke internal systems to accelerate speed to market or enhance marketing insights. 


Related services include:

  • BI analytics

  • Marketing campaign support

  • Predictive modeling

Email Automation

Companies dependent on cloud subscription services need consistent customer reminders and renewal strategies. 

We design automation to process multiple datasets and take the manual matching up customer IDs out of the workflow. 

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